Complete Brand Management Solution

Whether a large corporation or personal brand, your online reputation is one of your most valuable assets. The cost of a brand crisis can be tremendous. Companies that understand the importance of a strong online reputation benefit tremendously from online brand reputation management services.

Complete Online Brand Management

At Rank K.O. we offer complete online brand management. Our brand management services consist of brand auditing, proactive reputation management, brand development, brand monitoring, and brand reputation repair. We offer global, national, local, and multi-location brand management.

Online Brand Management

Our online brand management solution provides daily monitoring of all brand mentions across the web. A dedicated account manager will analyze each mention of your brand, identify any brand threats, and send the daily or weekly summaries. This this provides your company with the assurance that someone is consistently monitoring your brand across the web.

Search Engine Brand Management

If your company or personal brand has a strong online presence, then chances are that hundreds or even thousands of users are searching for your name in search engines every day. The content that shows up in search engines will have a great impact on your overall online reputation. Most consumers conduct research before committing to a product or service. By carefully monitoring the content that displays in search engines when users search for your brand name, your company will have a true measurement of your online reputation. Being able to quickly take action on any inaccurate or harmful information that shows up can save your company’s reputation from being tarnished.

Social Media Brand Management

Being able to react quickly to social media mentions is important not only for customer support but also for online reputation management. One comment or tweet can snowball into a brand crisis. With an account manager monitoring all social media mentions in real time, your company will be in a position to resolve and minimize any brand threats.

Forensic Brand Management

In some cases your brand may require advanced monitoring of keywords, users, and websites to ensure the integrity of your online brand. Our forensic analysts are experts at extracting data and creating intelligent systems to help your brand ensure that any anticipated activities are identified and reported in real-time. Whether it’s tracking users across the web, monitoring specific websites, or diving deep into server logs, our analysts will be able to monitor and identify any type of data that may be critical to the preservation of your online brand.

Global Brand Management

Monitoring and controlling of your brand’s online reputation on a global level provides additional challenges that increase the necessity of hiring an experienced reputation management firm. Our global brand management services have intelligent systems in place that allow our analysts to monitor and control how your brand is appearing across the globe. From search engines and social media platforms to news and blog websites, our analysts will locate, analyze and report on all mentions of your brand.

Franchise Brand Management

With new locations opening on a consistent basis, additional challenges arise when managing the online reputation of a franchise. At Rank K.O. our franchise Brand management services will provide your company with an in-depth view of your overall reputation as well as the reputation of each individual location. This is important for identifying areas of improvement and minimizing the overall threat to the core brand. With franchise reputation management, a brand threat for any single location can become an exponential issue by tarnishing the brand of the entire franchise.

Multi-Location Brand Management

Managing a multi-location brand requires location specific reporting. Our multi-location brand management services will allow your company to see how your reputation is performing in an overall view as well as a location specific view. While there are additional challenges with multi-location brand management there are also many advantages. Our analysts will develop a strategy that will allow your core brand to maximize the online reputation for each of your brand’s locations. This adds an additional layer of protection for your online brand.

Brand Asset Management

As marketing and the web evolve, more and more brands are seeing the benefits of building digital assets. Whether it’s a news site, blog, community, or tool, our brand asset management services will allow your company to monitor and protect the reputation of your various brand assets. Additional brand assets that require monitoring include: payment portals, secured portals, databases, and email.

Brand Development

Our brand development services will provide your company with a roadmap to making your brand vision become a reality. Brand management, reputation management, and brand development all have one thing in common, which is the promotion of your brand. Whether it’s creating new content, new websites, or getting featured on industry leading websites, our brand development services will help your company build powerful brand that leads the industry.

Why Rank K.O.?

Brand Specialists

The brand specialists at our company will help shape and build your brand. We specialize in building brands through the creation of well-crafted content, backed by a data driven strategy. Our analysts dig through thousands of opportunities each day, carefully selecting the few opportunities that are good for your brand. We understand the importance of a strong online brand and pay close attention to detail for your campaign. Selecting the right opportunities and executing a data driven strategy is essential to the creation of a strong brand.

Corporate Brand Management Experience

Our company has tremendous amount of corporate brand management experience. Whether it’s healthcare, legal, travel, automotive, B2B, software, consulting, real estate, or any other industry, our team has the experience to help your brand excel. Our team has decades of experience in brand management and will use this knowledge to create a carefully crafted campaign to improve your corporate brands on reputation.

Custom Brand Monitoring Tools

Our company creates custom brand monitoring solutions for each campaign. No two campaigns are identical and therefore require custom software to effectively monitor your online brand. This custom software development allows us to work more efficiently and therefore allocate more time to campaign strategy and execution.

Dedicated Brand Manager

Each online brand management campaign includes a dedicated brand manager. By having a consistent point of contact, campaign performance is drastically improved. Our account managers will more accurately be able to identify potential threats and take action accordingly. Furthermore, each campaign includes a monthly brand management summary meeting that includes a wealth of data and analysis of your company’s online brand.

Dedicated Brand Analyst

Each online brand management campaign includes a dedicated brand analyst. The brand analyst is responsible for all the backend work the campaign. This includes analyzing search engine data, brand mentioned data, and much more. The analyst is also responsible for identifying the best opportunities to help promote your online brand.

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