Celebrity Reputation Management

A positive reputation can take years to build yet a second to destroy. Your brand represents you and you need to protect it. In today’s world, if you are a celebrity there is no privacy; the paparazzi and public are constantly scrutinizing your every move. Thus, it is critical that you control not only your actions, but also your online reputation. Information spreads at an exponential rate throughout the web, and if it is not controlled, negative information can have a snowballing effect and even lead to a larger crisis.

At Rank K.O. we can help you take control of your reputation. Our team of knowledgeable account managers will work diligently to protect your name. We will take a proactive approach to keep any negative or defamatory information from circulating the web. We do so by closely monitoring any mentions of your name or brand on channels such as social media, blogs, domains, websites, and articles sites. If undesirable information is found, our team will work aggressively to have it eliminated or suppressed.

If you are a celebrity experiencing an online reputation crisis, or would simply like to take preventive measures to protect your online brand, Rank K.O. has the resources to help you. We can improve your online reputation in search engines, media, and across the web. We do so by controlling what people find in search results when they search your name. We also have the ability to repair your reputation, defend you against online threats, and bring your reputation into positive light.

For more information about our services and what we can do to manage your online reputation, call us at 813-203-2621.


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