Reputation Management for Doctors

Negative, false, or defamatory content published online about doctors or other health professionals may have a profound effect on their reputation and success if the content is left unaddressed. Anything from a negative review to a misleading newspaper article can circulate the web and become magnified, to the point that it destroys your reputation. You may think that there is nothing you can do about a bad review or defamatory article, but there is much that reputation management can do for you.

Reputation management is the practice of influencing and monitoring your business’ online image. Through reputation management, doctors are able to highlight positive information, and suppress false or negative information. Doctors rely heavily on their reputation and word of mouth. A well-managed online reputation could make an incredible impact on your bottom line.

Physician Reputation Management

Physicians seeking to control their online reputations may benefit immensely from reputation management. Rank K.O. is aware of the impact that online reputation and reviews have on doctors, and thus we have developed the tools necessary to monitor and completely repair their reputations. We repair physicians’ online reputation in search engines, review platforms and across the web. We do more than just review monitoring; we offer advance brand monitoring, reputation repair, takedown requests, forensic analysis, and social media protection, among others.

Manage Doctor Reviews

Managing reviews on business listings and health related listing websites is critical in today’s market. Consumers and patients are reading reviews more often than in the past. Websites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Vitals are where your potential patients are looking when researching your practice. Our review management services will allow your organization to encourage a steady stream of feedback and positive reviews from your existing patients.

Why Rank K.O.

What sets Rank K.O. apart from other reputation management companies is that we tailor our work entirely to every client. No case is exactly like another, and there is no specific reputation management protocol that will work for every case. The Rank K.O. team analyzes each unique case and develops a reputation management plan based on each individual aspect of the case. When you choose Rank K.O. you can be sure that you will receive completely individualized service and attention to detail.

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