Reputation Repair Services

Repairing the online reputation of your company or personal brand is critical to success. In many cases, circumstances outside of your control may lead to the development of a mixed or negative online reputation. While search engines try their best to serve users the most accurate information, there are many cases where they fail, leaving individuals and business owners struggling to improve their online presence.

That’s where Rank K.O. can help. By working directly with Google, creating unique and valuable content, and developing a strong online presence for your company or personal brand, we allow you to repair and strengthen your online reputation. Our company follows Google’s Webmaster guidelines in terms of services closely, so you can rest assured that our work will provide long-term results.

Online Reputation Audit

The process starts by identifying your online reputation challenges. This is what we call an “ORM Audit.” Once we’ve identified the areas that need to be improved, we get to work by managing your company or personal brand’s existing content on the web. Whether you have existing websites, content, and other digital assets, or you’re starting from scratch, our company can successfully repair your online reputation.

Content Production

Once we have a strategy in place, our team will begin building websites, content, and other digital assets to help promote your brand. We are simultaneously working with Google and other search engines to request the removal of any inaccurate content from their index. We may also contact webmasters or hosting providers to request the removal content as well. This two-pronged strategy allows us to ensure that we reach our reputation repair goals as quickly as possible.

Brand Monitoring

Consistent monitoring of your brand’s online reputation will allow you to address any new reputation concerns that may arise. In many cases, acting quickly to resolve an online reputation threat can minimize its overall reach. This is essential in today’s interconnected world. All it takes is one tweet, review, or news article to create a viral effect. When the story contains an inaccurate or unfavorable mention of your brand, the damage can be devastating. We help manage your brand’s online presence to prevent these situations from occurring.

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